Hydraulic Hose SAE 100R2A / DIN EN 853 2ST

High-pressure hydraulic lines.
Meets or exceeds the requirements of SAE 100R2A and the performance requirements of DIN EN853 2ST.

Hydraulic Hose SAE 100R2A/DIN EN 853 2ST


Oil resistant synthetic rubber,suitable for hydraulic fluids.


Two braids of high tensile steel wire.


Abrasion,oil and weather resistant synthetic rubber.

Temperature Range:

-40℃ to +100℃

Nominal Diameter Inside












mm inch mm mm mm mpa psi mpa psi mm Kg/m
6 1/4 6.4 12.7 17.5 40.0 5800 160.0 23200 100 0.42
8 5/16 7.9 14.3 19.1 35.0 5075 140.0 20300 115 0.51
10 3/8 9.5 16.7 21.4 33.0 4785 132.0 19145 125 0.60
12 1/2 12.7 19.8 24.6 27.5 4000 110.0 15950 180 0.74
16 5/8 15.9 23.0 27.8 25.0 3625 100.0 14500 200 0.86
19 3/4 19.0 27.0 31.8 21.5 3120 85.0 12325 240 1.04
25 1 25.4 34.9 39.7 16.5 2395 65.0 9425 300 1.42
31 1-1/4 31.8 44.5 50.8 12.5 1815 50.0 7250 420 2.23


Hose range suitable to carry hydraulic fluids, such as glycol, mineral oils, emulsion, hydrocarbons, etc.

1. A Trusted Partner
We built our entire company on honesty, and integrity. Our entire business is dedicated to customers. By doing this, it allows us to provide the best service and products for every customer who works with us.

2. Strictly Q&C System
We have developed a strict QC (quality-control) system. The system is in place all the way from the raw material to the final steps of the process. Guaranteeing the perfection of the product for every customer.

3. One-stop Solution
We provide OEM improvement and a one stop solution for hose and fittings. Allowing you to focus all of your attention through one source. It’s as easy as that!

4. Quick Response After Service
We provide a 24/7 online service for any issues that may come up. Giving you the comfort knowing that we’re here to help. Simply call or email us, and we’ll be here to help!

1. Can I test out a free sample?
All of our samples are free to provide for your testing.
2.How do you ensure the quality?
We have a team of engineers that are solely dedicated to the perfection of our products. Following the QC guidelines all the way to the end of the process.
3. What do I do if I find an issue with the quality of the product?
Absolutely no worries at all. There is a 12 month quality guarantee for all of our products. We also offer a full replacement for any defective issues that are caused by non-human reasons.
4. How long does it take for me to receive my order?
The estimated production time depends on what you order. The general time frame for a 1×20 feet container is 20-30days, and 30-40 days for a 1×40 feet container.
5. How will my order be packed?
All hoses are packed by PVC film. Making it nicely put together. As noted, the color can be picked by you. A special packaging of reel and pallet is also available.
The fitting for the package is packed by the wooden box.
6. Is it possible to visit your factory?
Of course! We encourage all of our customers to visit us. Come visit us at your own convenient time.

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