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Complete Range of Hydraulic Hoses, Fitting, and Hose Assemblies for Your Business Development

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Techoses Industrial
the leading experiences in hydraulic industry.

  • 10+ years manufacturing experience
  • 400000 meters producing capacity daily
  • Passed the 200000 to 400000 pulse testing
  • Exceed common international standard
  • Passed environmental protection certification.
High pressure hydraulic hoses

High pressure hydraulic wire braid rubber hose conveys hydraulic fluid.

Teflon Hose

Teflon hose is a steel wire braid PTFE hydraulic hose, exceed with SAE100R14 standard.

thermoplastic hydraulic hoses

Hydraulic hose SAE100R7/SAE100R8 delivery petroleum and water-based hydraulic fluid.

Why choose Techoses Hydraulic Hose?

Techoses focused on strictly Quality Control, all of the products Certified international standard. We have learned and adopted German technology for production. After testing, Techoses one wire braid hydraulic hose passed the 100000 pulse testing, two-wire braid hydraulic hose passed the 200000 pulse testing, four-wire spiral hydraulic hose passed the 400000 pulse testing. At the same time, we have updated production equipment to improve product quality and stability, increase production capacity, and ensure delivery.

Meanwhile, we can also provide customized services, providing matching fitting and other hydraulic equipment to help you complete one-stop procurement in the shortest time.

Our team is constantly coming up with a suitable solution to ensure every customer’s needs. We know what to do for you and what is best for you.

Contact us for all details!

Hydraulic Hose Is The Backbone Of Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic hose is one of the vital parts of hydraulic systems. It is consists of three parts: an oil-resistant inner tube, an reinforcement with wire or textile yarn braid or spiral, and a weather-resistant,oil-resistant, or abrasion-resistant protective outer cover. It is used to convey hydraulic fluid among hydraulic components, valves, actuators, and tools precisely.

We produced hydraulic hoses as the SAE/DIN Standard, which are most popular in industrial hydraulics. Product performance, pressure, and environmental protection are in strict compliance with international standards. And we have an independent laboratory and a complete quality inspection system to guarantee the quality of each batch of produces strictly.

In practical applications, hydraulic hoses need to be crimped with hydraulic fitting together in use. However, we can also supply hydraulic fitting that meets our products. And provide an accurate crimping parameter to solve your actual problems in use. One-stop service guarantees Accurate matching of products and solves your worries.


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